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General instructions 

  1. Be sure about grammar and spelling mistake.
  2. Rewrite everything which you have copied as such from other sources/online websites or literature, which are highlighted in originality report.
  3. Always mention your manuscript type such as Research Paper, Research Article or Review Paper.
  4. All the typed matter must be in Times New Roman Font size - 12 point and single spacing only.
  5. All equations/formulae should be typed in Times New Roman, Font size - 12 point. Do not give bold and italic equation/formula.
  6. Tables, Figures and Scheme must be in MS Word and Excel. All the matter inside the Figures/Diagrams should be typed in Times New Roman, Font size - 10 point, Do not bold and Italic.
  7. If you want to give Figures/Equations/Formula in your paper, then paste only or give in excel sheet. Please do not give any Figures/Equations/Formula in .JPG format.
  8. Write 00 or nil if data is not present in any column of the table.
  9. Do not write numbers, alphabets or any kind of bullets before heading in the text.
  10. Table and image must be in a separate file, but in your writing, please mention Table-1, Figure-1 where you want it. Also, do not use capital letters and short form for table and figure in text matter, just write such as exampleTable-1 and Figure-1. Don’t give tables and figure in the landscape and make vertical and horizontal lines in all tables.
  11. Do not divide text matter of pages into two columns.
  12. References should be typed in the MLA format in alphabetical order.

Preparing Your Manuscript


  • Title
  • Author's Detail
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Materials & Methods
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgment
  • References


1. Title: Title of the paper should be concise and unique.

2. Authors Detail: Authors details include corresponding author. Authors name sequence should be written as per their work contribution. (Family name first then Initial) with institutional address, country name in capital letter. Ex: Wepba, P. P. Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT, ENGLAND

3. Abstract: Abstract is written in italic containing not more than 350 words. The abstract is the summary of the work done therefore it must be short but focused on the objective of topic and must be written in past tense.

4. Keyword: Keywords are your own chosen words for the quick access to the topic and it should not to be more than 10 words.

5. Introduction: Introduction is written to familiarize the reader about the literature of your research topic. The introduction must be concise starting with the background of a topic, focusing on the problem.

6. Materials & Methods: Materials and Methods section should be concise and straightforward with the detailed description of the methods used in your research work. While writing up materials and methods use third person passive voice.

7. Result and Discussion: Result and Discussion are two sections, they can be separated or combined. Describe the result in detail with reference to tables, followed by a detailed discussion of previous research work. Give the detailed discussion of your result by comparing your result with the preceding researcher’s work. Summarize your finding too in the discussion

8. Conclusion: First introduce your work and then briefly describe your result followed by a small discussion of future perspectives.

9. Acknowledgment: Brief acknowledgment of the support and contribution of your Colleagues/Technicians/Funding Sources who have provided assistance during your research work.

10. Reference: Reference includes all the cited text in alphabetical order in MLA format.


Tables and Tables Caption: Tables should be headed with a caption and title in bold ( Table 1: Title related to the content of the table)

Figures and Figures Caption: Figures Caption should be written below the figures in bold. (Figure 3: Title related to figures)

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