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Welcome to xournals, the one stop domain for high-quality peer reviewed publications in more than 45+ open access journals in various fields of Arts & Humanities, Engineering, Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences. Publishing with IASR makes the author’s work visible to the conglomerate research community to be accessed and utilized by everyone and everywhere. Submit your paper today!


Publishing with xournals connects the author and his/her work with the rest of the leading scientific and research world circulating the knowledge to one and all in every form and manner. Publishers at xournals enjoy exemptions at conferences and other events and are nominated for the various awards presented by xournals. Also, outstanding and regular publications with xournals will get an opportunity to become an integral part of xournals reaching even to be absorbed as the editor-in-chief and a member of the editorial board of xournals.

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How to publish article?

Author/s are required to kindly refer to the step-wise guidelines given below to submit the articles OR one can also send the copy of the completed article/s (with abstract) directly to the editor of the xournals at editor@xournals.com. For any other assistance, feel free to contact at info@xournals.com. 

Step 1Upload your Research

To publish with us Login to your xournals account or create a new one to upload the copy of your research article. After uploading, the author can view the progress report of the article in the 'my publications' dashboard of his/her account.

Step 2Analysis & Feedback

Once the Paper is uploaded, it is queued for the check and review by the Editorial Board of the respective journal. After reviewing, the corresponding author is immediately notified for the reviews for the article.

Step 3Format & Re-submit

The author is required to make the appropriate corrections as reviewed by the editorial board and has to promptly re-submit the corrected and final article. The author cannot make any further changes after re-submission of the article.

Step 4Approval

The final article will then again be reviewed for the final approval by the editorial board. Once approved, the article is ready to be published.

Step 5Article Published

The Article is finally then published in the next volume of the Xournals. So submit your papers with Xournals today!

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