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To build an eminent platform for students, researchers, scientists, experts, and others for publication of their novel innovations and discoveries.

Open Accessed

Academic Journal of Bioinformatics (AJB) is a noble reviewed open accessed journal published by xournals.


Bioinformatics covers the broad area for studying biological data using computer technology and software’s. AJB greatly emphasize the development and practice of new innovative research methods concerned with the field of computer science & information technology and their application on analysis of biological data. AJB is an outstanding outlet for experts of different backgrounds including signal processing, Bioinformatics, systems biology and medicine, who are expertise in algorithmic work, data withdrawal, mathematical modelling and computational work to interact readily and exchange information on various multidisciplinary areas involved.

Research Scope

  • Algorithms for phylogenetic reconstruction
  • Biomedical image handling, modelling and simulation
  • Bio-ontology, data withdrawal, DNA assembly, clustering, mapping
  • Computational genomics/proteomics
  • Computational intelligence and biomedical data engineering
  • E-health and telemedicine
  • Gene expression, microarrays, identification, explanation
  • Genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, neural systems, data imagining
  • Molecular advancement, phylogeny, modelling, simulation and sequence examination
  • Parallel algorithms/architectures, computational structural biology
  • Sequence assembly, exploration, alignment
  • Statistical analysis and modeling
  • Systems biology
  • And other related areas

Types of Articles

Articles, Research Paper, Review Paper

Publication Frequency



Manuscript submission indicates that authors have detailed knowledge of editorial policy and publication ethics. Lawful privileges are granted to a publisher for their work. Authors agree that their articles remain enduringly open access for one and all under the terms and conditions of the xournals.

Review Policy

Submitted articles before publication are revised by editorial board associates and other experienced experts from the point view of evaluation and corrections. xournals follows a blind review policy.

Publication Fee

No Publication Fee for IASR Member.

*Certificate for All Author/s Provided individually


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