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An Overview on -Artificial Intelligence

by Aman Sharma

This articles contain an overview on artificial intelligence, it has be presumed by people that machines might one day overshadow human beings but that is not true, as many researcher believe that machine may cut the time taken by human in different task but for quality management and supervision one needs human employee to look after them, the focus of this study is on the various type of artificial intelligence their kind and how they are becoming part of human world, making every task easy and excelling in every domain. Also in here we have discussed about Luna how she is improving day by becoming Strong Artificial Intelligence. And the study ends with an outline of domains referring to which Artificial intelligence could prove to be of importance. Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Luna, Computer, Future, Strong AI, Weak AI.

Data retrieval for Cloud Computing

by Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Mahesh Sharma

Nowadays, electronic data form are used to create the large quantity of data which is manage in efficiently manner and accessed when needed by users that is refer to as cloud computing. On the basis of demands, Cloud computing offers access to any kind of services dynamically over Internet. Number of demand services are provided to cloud user by developing benefits and evolving latest distributed computing technology. The deletion of data from the datacenters can be occurred which involves man-made disaster (either CSP or customer itself without their knowledge) or by natural disasters (either earth quakes or volcanoes). These deleted data, requirements for designing an efficient data recovering technique to recover lost data. Many researcher have developed the technique for recover data but have the lack of efficiency and reliability. This paper mainly focus on efficiency, time consumption to recover the data, data integrity, cost etc. and describe also recent techniques for backup and security will be introduced. Keywords: Cloud Computing, Datacenters, Natural Disaster, Efficiency

Study on Virtual Reality-Rethinking Boundaries

by Krishna Kant Dwivedi

Jaron Lanier coined the term ‘Virtual Reality’ (VR). The last eras have been marked by the remarkable growth in the digital field such as computers, a device used in almost every aspect of human activity. Graphical user interfaces based on the desktop image creates a virtual environment that simplifies human-machine communication by forming a palpable, concrete delusion for users. In this paper we have discussed the general perspective of submission of Virtual Reality has been discussed when incorporated in other field and also about the future that it holds for the mankind. Keywords: Virtual Reality, Graphics, Future perspective, 3D techniques.

Data Mining Techniques: A Study

by Devendra Sharma, Aman Sharma

Data mining is the extraction of relevant details, patterns and trends from heavy data. Data mining involves techniques such as clustering, classification, association and regression. There are various applications of data mining that uses various tools that supports different algorithms. This paper provides various data mining techniques and can also applied in the educational sector, marketing, detection of frauds, the telecommunication and manufacturing. As data mining is the notion of all methods and techniques that allows the analysis of large set of data to extract and discover unknown structures and their relations out of large details. Keywords: data mining techniques, Fraud detection, Clustering

A Study on Preventive Methods used for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

by Vaivbhav Tyagi, Umakant Dwivedi

In today’s scenario, Denial of Service (DoS) has become an extortion weapon and casing damage to multiple internet user. DDoS attacks rates are increasing in an exponential style and a report represented rate of DDoS attack i.e. 300GB per second. In 2000, very famous Amazon, Yahoo and CNN also developed the major targets of attack of DDoS and it’s an alarming sign that DDoS attacks rate will definitely increase in coming year. To overcome with this problem numerous preventive techniques has been proposed. Here in this paper, an effort has been done on the recent preventive techniques used for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as internet security has always been a concern for internet user. Keywords: DoS, DDoS, Preventive Techniques for DDoS,

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