Management Studies

A Study on Consumer Behavior for Upgrading Marketing

Article Number: CYK594506 Volume 01 | Issue 01 | January - 2019 ISSN: UA
12th Sep, 2018
19th Oct, 2018
16th Dec, 2018
18th Jan, 2019


Lokendra Sharma


The behavior of consumer is considered as the important basic theories of marketing to some people and it is important in demonstrating the importance to the modern practice of marketing. In 1990s, the dynamic environment of business which forms the understanding of such important theories which are important to the practicing marketing than a tools and techniques of the knowledge. The chief factor of this paper is the assessment of internal and external factors that affects the buying decisions of the customers on different products. For the complete analysis of the data that is collected, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and ANOVA is castoff. The improved knowledge of cultural differences in the decision processes of consumption should have influence the effectiveness of the strategies produced by global marketing. The differences in the level of income was found by applying statistics and by different dimensions by brand such as social and culture. Keywords: Behavior, Consumer, Vendor, Dynamic environment, Strategy.


Thoughtful manners of customers is a fundamental factor for the success of organizations of business. Promoting workers continually investigating the outlines of purchasing behavior and buying choices to calculate the upcoming developments. The behavior of customer can be clarified as the examination of when, what, how and why people buy. The performance of consumer can be defined as: "The choice procedure and physical action in which persons are engage when estimating, obtaining and assembling of belongings and facilities." (Loudon and Della Bitta, 1980). These days, this type of occurrence, can also be showed in the resulting way: "activities individuals begin when gaining, using, and positioning of services and products" (Kumar, John and Senith, 2014).

Importance of study of common behavior

For consumer behavior defined as important simple concepts of marketing. It is used to establish its consequence to the existing practice of marketing, but also to consider that in case of environment of dynamic business of the 1990s. It belongs to appreciative of basic essential notions and significant to the working dealer as compare with information device and means which operated positively in the previous time. The argument that a consideration of the ideas of consumer behavior known to be more important to the one who are indulge in promoting and dependent on the sureness that dealers should obtain movable facts and services which later result in a flexibility in method and manner which will permit them to recognize difficulties and improve advanced results in a rapid change in situation. The knowledge and skills developed by a learning of consumer behavior can easily be conveyed to current concerns of marketing authorities like analysis of interior advertising, the character of superiority contained by groups, services marketing and relationship marketing. It basically focused on the all relevant knowledge regarding the consumer behavior. It also consider the information regarding concept of progress in more actual approaches of marketing.


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