Sports and Physical Education

Sports Injuries and Prevention

Article Number: VYJ703403 Volume 01 | Issue 01 | January - 2019 ISSN: UA
04th Sep, 2018
13th Oct, 2018
14th Dec, 2018
25th Jan, 2019


Anu Jangra


Participation in sports can lead to a healthier body as well as mind but sometimes it comes with an outcome of injury. Different types of injuries are caused by different games and it may be minor like abrasions, contusion etc. or may be major includes fracture, dislocation of bones, etc. During the activity of sports, cause of injury are many which includes improper training and wrong position of athlete. In the modern era where the activity of sports fascinate the people from all around the world need to maximize the beneficial effects of sports and proper planning and prevention is needed to minimize the injuries caused by the sports. The consequences from sports injury is most direct opposing and important. The injury caused by sports does not only effects the player, who get injured but also effect the whole team management and it may lead to limit or end the career of athlete. This article gives the classification of injuries and brief knowledge about some common sports injuries. To prevent the person or athletes from injury some prevention methods are also discussed. Keywords: Injuries, Sports, Management, Prevention.


Injuries that commonly occurs during the sports and exercise is generally referred to as sports injuries. In literature injury is defined in two broad classifications, i.e. the first type of injury includes almost all type of common sports injuries during training or games such as abrasion, sprain, contusion, etc. During training session or game, these types of injuries may occur numerous times and gave result in highlighting components like bumping and tackling. These injuries are less possible to be neglected and will ultimately increase the captured volume data. The second type of sports injuries will basically include those type of injury which may result in a missed game or competition of the player. As the result of injury is the player is missing the game which ultimately makes this type of injury as a major sports injuries. This type of injury will include traumatic brain injury, fracture dislocation of bones, etc. in comparison to major injuries, its believed that minor injuries are the part of games in which player can continue his/her game (Bailey, 2010)

For a healthy lifestyle participation in exercise and sports are very valuable and the worldwide popularity of sports make the industry of sports very competitive and profitable for athletes. Which directly increase the physical and financial burden of sports. But sometimes participation in sports came with an outcome of various injuries. In today’s modern era the competition is high and athletes who are injured is in under pressure. They want to return back to the competition as soon as possible otherwise there is a change of losing their place. Gender, the position of players, participation level, etc. are the things on which the injury is based. (Sreekaarini, et al, 2014; Dhillon et al, 2017)


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