A Forensic Approach Between Chance And Visible Prints

Course: M. Sc. Forensic Science University: Institute of forensic science & criminology Bundelkhand University, Jhansi (U. P.) INDIA Guide: Dr. Pradeep Kumar ISBN: 978-81-934349-1-8
Category: Forensic Sciences


Shruti Verma


Fingerprint as an evidence can provide an important information of individual in criminal investigation. The study of fingerprints is a kin to any other science. Many crimes occur under such circumstances where the fingerprint is present on any surface by the criminals whether it is patent, latent and plastic. In such cases, chance or latent print can found a link between a criminal and scene of crime. Fingerprint identification is based on two primary factors, uniqueness and permanence. Friction skin and fingerprint have long been considered parts of the anatomy that serve a specific purpose. Friction skin will remain on fingers, palms, toes and soles until the skin decomposes after the death (uniqueness) and the subsurface structure of human friction skin (permanence). The law enforcement agencies often rely on fingerprinting to identify the persons involved in crimes, both victims and suspects. Each person’s fingerprints are unique, positive identification of unknown persons can be achieved through fingerprint analysis. Chance print present at the crime scene is traditionally employed the identification of an individual through forensic analysis. The study of chance print led to belief in personal individualization. The chance print is compared over the visible print of the same individual of same finger by using black powder and inking method respectively and determined the maximum and minimum number of patterns, average percentage, ridge characteristics and frequency of ridge details found in samples of left index, left thumb, right index and right thumb fingers of an individual. This experiment will help in the criminal investigation in detection of suspect, victim and criminal. The objectives of this study were to analyze and evaluate the unique features and minutiae present chance print over the visible print of individuals.

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