Particles Size Distribution of Soil from District Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Course: MSc Forensic Science University: Institute of Forensic Science & Criminology Bundelkhand University Jhansi (U.P.) INDIA Guide: Dr. Ankit Shrivastava, Coordinator ISBN: 978-81-934349-0-1
Category: Forensic Sciences


Vivek Khare


Forensic science is the application of natural sciences to the matters of law. It is based on the fundamentals and principle of all basic sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics to provide the actual information which help to proceed legally. Attitude of the scientific and law enforcement cummunities towards forensic science education can appreciate Forensic science and can find various aspects of it that are relevant to their subject matter. Soil as an evidence can provide important information to the criminalist in criminal investigation. Many crimes occur under such circumstances where a small amount of soil is transferred and disposed by the criminals. In such cases, soil can be the missing link between a criminal and a scene of crime. There are techniques to be employed for discrimination purpose, a simple and rapid screening technique is required for identification of a large number of samples. The test and control soil samples shall have to be compared for the purpose. Particle size distribution is traditionally employed for soil identification and comparison in forensic analysis due to its simplicity. The information from this experiment will help in criminal investigation in detection of place of crime .The objectives of this study were conducted to indicate of soil elements and evaluate the relationship between element content in different manner and to identified the soil samples with the help of particle size distribution.

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