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Cyber Venting - A Tool for Mental Health

by Riya Singh, Shally Chuahan, Vinny Sharma

The phenomenal change in lifestyle influence the most delicate thing in our life i.e., our mental health. People don’t give equal importance to mental health in respect to physical which enhances the level of stress, depression and heinously affects our capability of thinking, responding in circumstances and making choices or decisions. Senior executives of companies increased the work hours to cope up the work and also cancelled holidays. This brings up to frustration and anger level in employees which deliberately causes problems like anxiety, depression, short-temperedness, interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. All these negative emotions can effortlessly harm a person’s productivity. All these activities force they employees to let off their steam which is called venting and as the growth of technologies is increasing day by day, people use social platforms to rant out their frustration, anger, irritation, backbiting etc., in every institution, organizations etc., which is called Cyber- venting. This is the root cause that the rate or need of Cyber-venting is increasing in day-to- day life. Recently there are many websites available which provide a platform to employees to rant and releasing their information which somehow enhance them to improve their mental health and make the virtuous and conflict free environment of office premises. In recent years, researchers have attempted to settle the contradiction by showing that venting doesn’t reduce feeling of anger but has other benefits like improving people’s mood, sense of fairness etc. This research paper includes random and controlled sample. Dependent sample are measured quantitatively in the form of a questionnaire. Keywords: Venting, Mental Health, Depression, Backbiting, Conflicts

An Analytical & Statistical Approach for the Identification of Online Payment Fraud

by Gopika Baghel

The mechanization of online payments is growing tremendously. As this technology increases, the rate of fraud due to these online payments is also increasing. Nowadays, online payment has started everywhere. Online fraud has flattered a crucial issue in numerous countries & India is either of them who is having a wide diversity of scams related to online payment. The objective of this paper is to explore the category of online money fraud-related issues. The paper surveys why victims fall for web scams. What type of procedure online criminals are adopting to trap their prey, also the kind of payment methods they are using for fraud and what methods people are applying to prevent these crimes? Also, how police officers/cyber cells officers are active in solving these online payment crimes. Keywords: Payment frauds, Online Banking, Customer trust, Countermeasures, Fraud prevention, trickery.

A Study of Digital Forensic Tools, Hacktivism Phenom and Challenges

by N. Ashwini, Dr. Syed Umarhathab

Hacktivism is the greatest test being looked at by the Cyberworld. Numerous advanced digital forensic tools are being created to manage this test however at a similar pace programmers are building up the counter procedures. This paper incorporates the advanced crime scene investigation fundamentals alongside the ongoing patterns of hacktivism in long-range informal communication locales, distributed computing, sites and phishing. The different devices of legal sciences with the stage bolstered, the ongoing variants and permitting subtleties are talked about. The paper stretches out the present difficulties being faced by digital forensics. Keywords: Hacktivism; Digital forensics tools, Anti digital forensics (ADF)

Gender Differences in Instances of Online Abuse and Perceived Online Security

by Oshin Dixit, Ananta Chaudhary

In today's era, the internet is omnipresent and plays indispensable part in nature and can be accessed through numerous mediums; a few of them being smart phones, tablets, mobile phones, computer systems, televisions and laptops. Constantly developing technology led to competitive market prices, making mobile phones affordable and not as big of a luxury they were once considered. To prevent Cyber Abuse, it is crucial to understand why it happens and what its causes are. In researches it is found that women are more likely to receive some form of cyber abuse when compared to men. Furthermore, it was seen that women were also more likely to receive abuse of a sexual nature, in comparison to men. It can be inferred that most forms of harassment that female users faced were non-violent yet sexual in nature. As the Victims of abuse have legal options available to them, there is still a large scope of improvement. Law enforcement agencies are not aware of the sensitivity they must show to different victims of Cyber Abuse. Training programs inculcating the importance of soft skills in the police force is necessary. Secondly, in cases of revenge porn specifically a female police officer may be more capable of communicating with the victim. Furthermore, the results of the research indicated the cyber world as being safer for men in comparison to women, but considered the identical threat sent to gender counterparts of the same industry as more severe for men, but not for women. Keywords: Cyber bullying, Harassment, Victimization, Trolling, Hacking.

Dark Web – The Hidden Cyberspace

by Nitin Pandey, Rahul Pandey

The Dark Web is a small part of the WWW (World Wide Web) whose activities are purposefully covered up and cannot be accessed by normal browsers or search engines and require some particular programs like Tor browser. As the dark web hides the client's identity, it very well may be utilized for legal reasons just as illegal. From sneaking drugs and weapons to other illegal things, from hacking other's data to utilizing those for manufacturing, from duplicating cash to utilizing cryptographic money, the dark web can play various parts in malevolent movements. Then again, the government and other law enforcement agencies utilize the dark web for military applications like online intelligence gathering, sting activity and for other confidential purposes. This paper depicts dark web underlining on how it is accessed, how the tor network works to provide anonymity to its clients, how one can utilize TOR to get to dark web, subtleties on use of dark web for example how unique noxious activities are done utilizing dark web, how the dark web is utilized by terrorist communities to spread terrorism, how the law enforcements are utilizing dark web to reveal some client's real identity and to stop the illegal exercises and the future extent of dark web. Keywords: Dark Web, Tor, Tor browser, Surface Web, Deep Web, Silk Road, Terrorism, Cyber Warfare, Data Leaks, Dark Net, Dominos India Server

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