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Different Novel Drug Delivery Systems and Their Application

by Deepak Kale

Drug Delivery System (DDS) is defined as the technology which is used to deliver the drugs and gene in the required area of the body. The transferring of drug through Drug Delivery System depends on the time and dose. A significant effect of drug delivered is seen on its efficiency. By the use of optimum concentration, the therapeutic benefit can be achieved and the concentration below or above the optimum concentration can be toxic or produce no therapeutic effect. Different sorts of drug delivery systems has been developed. The core resolution of drug delivery system is to reduce the degradation and loss of drug, prevention from harmful side effects and the increment in the bioavailability. Targeted drug delivery system (DDS) is one of the drug delivery system in which the drug is transported to targeted tissues, organ or cells by the carrier of drugs. In recent, there are many novel drug delivery systems such as carbon nanotubes, micromicelles, microemulsion, floating drug delivery system, and so on which have high therapeutic value compare to conventional drug delivery system. This paper shows different types of novel drug delivery systems with their application in many fields. Keywords: Micromicelles, Microemulsion, Therapeutic, Drug Delivery System

A Study of Nanoparticles in Herbal Drugs

by Mahesh Sharma

In the world, Herbal medicine is unquestionably the most ancient system and widely used of medical science since olden periods and it’s acknowledged by doctors and patients for their therapeutic worth as they have lesser hostile influences as equated with other current day medicines. This drug is used for the purpose to cure the disease and it have hundreds and thousands of ingredients that all come together in contrary to the diseases. In the market, most conventional pharmacognostical or pharmaceuticals products play a crucial role, they are originated from natural products (NPs) and their byproducts with herbal products. For transforming botanical materials into medicines, the herbal drug technology is used and it’s important for quality regulation with appropriate incorporation of current scientific methods and conventional knowledge is important. The new pharmacognosy play an important role that comprises all the features of drugs advancement and detection, where biotechnology-driven applications are present. In this paper, discuss about the herbal drug, nanoparticles of herbal drug and its technology. Keywords: Herbal Drugs, Nanoparticles, Pharmaceutical Science

Quality Management and Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Development

by Deepak Patil

Quality of medicines refers to the gathering of essential specifications. The topic of quality management is very important in pharmaceutical industries along with the importance of identity, safety, purity and ultimately appropriate quality of product, because, the products of pharmaceutical or drugs are directly supplied to the customer’s body system. The quality, safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical product are achieved by the concept of both quality assurance and quality control. The quality of the product can be maintained by taking the help of various guidelines such as GMP, GLP and many others, as it is a complex process. In every pharmaceutical industries, there is a quality assurance department who looks for the guidelines followed by the industries. In this paper, it is tried to discuss about the quality management system in the pharmaceutical industry and their elements. Along with the quality assurance, there is number of challenges, which has to be face in the pharmaceutical industries that are also discussed in this paper. Keywords: Quality Assurance, Total Quality Control, Total Quality Management (TQM), Pharmaceutical.

Status of Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmacy in India and Europe

by Priyanka Mishra

Earlier Pharmacy did not have that much of importance but currently it has been observed that it works as the backbone of current world as it comprises the third largest healthcare line of work in the world, it has been evolving as profession steadily and gradually since the last decade in India. The role of pharmacist have expanded eventually, these professionals not only just dispense the medicine now it has expanded their horizon from dispensing medicine to pharmaceutical care too. The profession of pharmacy has proved to be essential part of healthcare system worldwide. This paper is written in order to analyze the current scenario of pharmacy in Europe and India, and highlight the awareness aspect of it. It seems that pharmacists and Pharma students of developing countries are concerned about their position in the present professional world of healthcare system. The aim of this paper is just to highlight the very fact and need of pharmaceutical industries as well as pharmacy in developing country such as India. Keywords: Pharmaceutical Care, Pharma, Europe, India, Education, healthcare system.

Impact of Clinical Pharmacists in Healthcare Management

by Ritika Risha

Acknowledgment of new diseases in recent decades gave rise to the invention and recognition of new drugs material and methods and hence the significance of clinical pharmacy in Medical and Healthcare came into existence. The apprehension of crucial health care and supplying medical support to all of those who are sick has become the matter of high interest of many medical organizations, the non-governmental organization as well as suppliers of healthcare products including medical pharmacists due to many factors. With the current scenario of the scarcity of medical need, it is now a well-known fact that need of pharmacists to deliver basic as well as sophisticated along with traditional and sometimes unconventional requirement with the collaboration of paramedics and other field has become vital. This paper has outlined the importance and impact of association of clinical pharmacists in field work and specialized team in certain cases and in varied scenarios. Keywords: Clinical Pharmacy, Collaboration, Healthcare, Management, Pharmacists.

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