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Impact of professional learning communities on teaching practice and student learning: A Review

by Rajiv Sinha

Researchers and professionals cited the Professional Learning Community (PLC) because of its capability to impact student achievement in a positive manner. It is recommended to foster collaboration of PLC and make teacher practice public for improving the features of teaching and learning in this current scenario of high risk of accountability. In this review paper, 10 American and one English studies were observed for finding the effect of PLCs on the practice of teaching and student learning after analyzing the professional learning communities’ characteristcis. It is suggested by the result that on both teaching rehearsal and student learning the well developed PLCs makes a positive impact. It is also included to implicate the research and proposals for the further research in the documentation of the effect of PLC on teaching and learning. Keywords: Communities of practice, Teacher collaboration, Professional Learning Communities, Professional Development

A Study on Smart Classes Education

by Mahendra Parmar

In today’s scenario, every individual country is thinking about intensifying the quality of education system. Globalization has caused advancement in technology and digitalization, however education is still out of reach from this digitalization movement. As it be known fact that traditional method of learning has lost its effectiveness which increase the responsibility of the education system to introduce smart education system for gaining student interest and increasing their academic growth. Smart classes is a concept introduced by David many year back but helped the student in making learning more effective and interesting. “Change is the law of nature”, so traditional method of teaching is also changed with new technology of teaching system. In this paper a study has been done on the effectiveness of smart classes in education system and how it help students in improving their reading skills and academic achievement. Keywords: Smart Board, Education Technology,

Impact of Mid-Day Meal Scheme on Academic Performance of Students

by Pradeep Sharma

This paper focuses on the analysis of the mid-day meal program and its impact on the academic performance of students. The correlation between the attainment of educational and economic growth, have the policies that effectively and efficiently decreases the barriers financially to the primary school education in the cases of developing countries which are of extreme interest to government and non-government organizations. The Government of India implemented a program of school feeding in 1995 to incentivize children to attend the primary school through the subsidized mid- day meal provision. The study of the mid-day meal scheme is done in this by predicting the impact of program on the enrollment of primary school. Keywords: Mid-day meal program,, Primary school,, Subsidized

A Comparative study on Adult Learning: Andragogy

by Bhavna Vyas

Andragogy deals with the learning and teaching of an adult which is an emerging trend in the education system. The principles of adult learning depends on the underpinning theoretical framework for the adult learning. The present study deals with the comparative study of the self-directed learning for an adult involving the online learning as well as responsible conduct of research. This paper presents the principles of andragogy and also cover the recommendations for educators to reflect when planning research ethics education students. The main goal of the paper is to resonate the learning of adult and make it much more in use for the proper education guidance and most importantly the lifelong learning. Keywords: Andragogy, Theoretical Framework, Self-directed learning, ethics

Stages of Child Education in India

by Vikas Kumar

The purpose of this study was the provision of basic education for all children to be a matter of serious concern in India, expansion in the enrolment in schools and the rate of accomplishment in our country. In order to discover the magnitude to which enrolling and the rate of accomplishment have developed over the course of time. It decays this development into a constituent because of the modifications in the features that regulate the entire schooling process. The initial six years of a kid’s life are universally accredited as one of the most precarious years for an enduring developmental phase. This present paper contains the review of the ample number of work done by numerous authors so as to so the development of the child from the beginning stages. Keywords- Child, Education, Methods, Stages, Learning, enrollment

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