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Stress Management in Workplace

by Maulesh Patel

In today's modern world life is full with hassles, demands, deadlines and frustration with lot of innovation and competition. The improper equilibrium between personal life and professional life results into tension and stress for longer durations. In modern living stress is unavoidable, for many stress is as common as it became a way of life. Stress is not always bad it may be positive or is normal psychological reaction in which brain identifies the threat of life. In small dose stress can motivate you and help to manage with life challenges. But when your mind continuously running in emergency mode then you have to pay the price. So the management of stress is quite important for long happy lives. The management of stress includes the understanding of psychology behind the stress and finding the way to dealt or reduce the stress. The reduction of stress gave a result of managing the situation in a positive way and have a control on your life. In this paper provides you a brief discussion on stress, origin of stress and management of stress. Keywords: Stress, Management, Positive, organizations

Green Banking in India

by Gunjan Prakash

In every aspects of Business, “Go Green” Mantra has become relevant in the environment friendly society. All the business activities are drastically being changed to focus on the profit and on people and planet. Just because of the profits, business cannot run due to the environment consciousness and awareness. Every sphere organizations have to be more sensitive for the move towards the green economy and such areas are Green Baanking. Green Banking ensures the environment friendly practices in banking sectors to reduce the interior and exterior carbon footprints. Having a green standard as an advancing belief has a broader view. Banking industry impacts on the environment due to increase enery (lighting, air conditioning) and paper consumption, although it is usually considered as the pollution free industry. This paper presented a review on Green banking and to discover the chief issues in the application of this occurrence. In the adaptation of green practices, public sector banks are keener than the private sector banks. Keywords: Green Banking, Sustainanbility, Financial Institutions, Indian Banks Initiatives Keywords: Green Banking, Sustainanbility, Financial Institutions, Indian Banks Initiatives

A Study on Consumer Behavior for Upgrading Marketing

by Lokendra Sharma

The behavior of consumer is considered as the important basic theories of marketing to some people and it is important in demonstrating the importance to the modern practice of marketing. In 1990s, the dynamic environment of business which forms the understanding of such important theories which are important to the practicing marketing than a tools and techniques of the knowledge. The chief factor of this paper is the assessment of internal and external factors that affects the buying decisions of the customers on different products. For the complete analysis of the data that is collected, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and ANOVA is castoff. The improved knowledge of cultural differences in the decision processes of consumption should have influence the effectiveness of the strategies produced by global marketing. The differences in the level of income was found by applying statistics and by different dimensions by brand such as social and culture. Keywords: Behavior, Consumer, Vendor, Dynamic environment, Strategy.

A comparative study on Crisis Management

by Lokendra Sharma, Gaurav Sharma

The crisis management deals with the evaluation and gathering of the crisis signals with include the needs and necessities implementation preventions and overcoming method from this aspect with the minimal damage. The detection of the pre-crisis, at the time crisis and the post management crisis. The contribution of the development and management of the crisis with that of the signals from the crisis and the proactive methods used that defend the crisis with the signals means and the crisis control. The globalization also favors the growth of the chain of supply around the national borders and the transformation with that of the organizational crisis. The present paper deals with the development and the management of the crisis for the betterment of the ecological balance and their adverse effect both economically and socially. It also covers the approaches and management processes and practices that later initiate the enterprises that successfully determine the major crisis incident which is reported by the numerous working the authors and its business strategies. The paper conclusively focusses the future endeavors of the crisis management and other related aspect so as to deliver, examine and analyzed its consequences. Keywords: Crisis management, Crisis signals, Globalizations, Organizational crisis,

Women Entrepreneurs: An Overview

by Yogendra Kumar

In India, men usually take lead in the world of business in comparison to women. Women involvement is just 31.6% in comparison to USA (45 %), UK (43 %), Canada (42 %), France (32 %), Indonesia (40 %), Sri Lanka and Brazil both (35 %). Women participation in the entrepreneurial world is less due to different personal, social, financial, marketing, and technological challenges faced by women entrepreneur. These problems need to be addressed so that women can make a significant contribution to the society economic development. Women entrepreneurship in India is attaining significance globally. Currently, in 21st century women entrepreneurship has been well recognized as a source of financial growth. Different studies shows that women entrepreneurship shows a rapid growth over the past 30 years. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the growth of women entrepreneurship by reviewing the literature available and also to scrutinize the different challenges faced by the women entrepreneurs in India. Further in this paper an effort has been done to find the major reason due to which women are unable to work equally to men. Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneur, India, Challenges

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